Ways of Combating Male Yeast Infections

male yeast infectionWhile it is a commonly known fact that women often get yeast infection, few people know that men are no less susceptible to the infection. In fact, male yeast infections affect men’s health very badly, causing serious sexual and prostate dysfunctions and digestive problems.

Not infrequently, the infection is transmitted from an infected woman to a man during a sexual intercourse. However, yeast is not viewed as a sexually transmitted disease, since not all males actually get infected. However, male yeast infections are caused by the same organisms - Candida albicans – that attack women. Therefore, doctors usually recommend that men, should they find out their loved ones are infected, must undergo an examination immediately.

There is yet another factor that increases the risk of male yeast infections – the spermicide lubrication of condoms. Spermicide has proven conducive to yeast infection in both men and women.

It should be noted that not male yeast infections occur due to sexual transmission. Yeast infections may occur in other regions of the body: mouth (so called oral thrush), ears, intestinal tract and skin. Not infrequently, such outbreaks are provoked by other illnesses, medications or due to life mode. Excessive intake of sugary food increases the risk of a yeast infection, since the fungus feeds on sugar and hence it thrives when there is much sugar in the body. Beer and alcohol are also conducive to male yeast infections, as long as beer is contains yeast. Elevated blood sugar is just one more risk factor. Smoking is conducive to oral yeast.

yeastImproper antibiotic treatment often results in the death of lots of beneficial bacteria and uncontrolled proliferation of yeast fungi. Chemotherapy, kidney transplant and HIV also weaken the immune system and therefore promote yeast. Regular steroid use can also contribute to male yeast infections.

Redness, itching and sore skin on the head of the penis may be signs of a yeast infection. Sometimes, the disease manifests itself through tiny red bumps or tiny blisters and severe itching and a white and thick discharge that smells of yeast. However, these symptoms are similar to those of other more serious sexually transmitted disorders, and if you detect any of these in yourself, please, turn to a doctor immediately!

So called “cottage-cheese” whitish lesions in the gums, tongue, inner cheeks, back of the throat and tonsils are indicative of oral thrush. They can be very painful and can bleed if scratched. Cracked skin, red rash and lesions, which sometimes produce pus, can signify cutaneous yeast. These symptoms can be very painful, so the disease requires thorough treatment as soon as possible. Systemic male yeast infections occur rarely.

diflucanMale yeast infections are relatively easy to treat. Doctors usually recommend over-the-counter creams that are usually effective against various penile infections. They should be applied to affected spots twice every day for a week or more. For instance, you can take Clotrimazole (Lotrimin, Mycelex) and Miconazole (Monistat). Oral medicines, such as Fluconazole (Diflucan), are also readily available on the medical market. There are also various antifungal tablets, ointments and liquid solutions.

In many cases, chemicals are hard on the skin, causing side effects, such as burning, tingling, reddening and even blisters. Male yeast infections can be treated in many natural ways, which are sometimes even more effective than treatment by medications. So called natural medicines, which you can always find at home, do not usually impact your body so badly and sometimes it is strongly recommended to use them instead of chemical medicines.

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